Stage One - Supply Chain Analysis

Establish critical and key suppliers, and identify contingency facilities and the possible costs involved.

We have developed a comprehensive three-stage supply chain management programme. Click on the links to find out more:

Supply Chain Analysis outline

In Stage 1, Evrost will work with the Procurement and Operational functions of the particular Company to catalogue the Supply Chain.

Our team will perform a desk top analysis that:

  • Establishes the Critical and Key Suppliers; and
  • Identifies any contingency facilities and the possible costs involved

The key processes in the Supply Chain Analysis can be illustrated in the diagram opposite.

Supply Chain Process Diagram - Stage 1: Initial Supply Chain Evaluation

Collate entire 'Supply Chain Membership'

1. Customer provides list of suppliers

2. Customer provides activities of suppliers

Assess operations performed by each supplier

3. Evrost evaluates activities and products

4. Evrost identifies 'Delivery Stoppers'

Identify Critical Suppliers

5. Evrost lists Critical Suppliers (whose failure will require delivery of end product to be stopped or delayed for material time)

Establish 'Key' Suppliers

6. Customer provides list of Key Suppliers (where customer has requirement to work with supplier beyond cost/product consideration)

Deliver report on Supply Chain - 'Level 1: Key and Critical Suppliers'

7. Deliver Stage 1 Report listing Critical and Key Suppliers